About the Artist

DMR is a self-taught Australian artist passionate about her Art and her many subjects. DMR always begins with researching her subject, investigating creatures struggles or the beauty of certain locations putting them into a collective collaboration of information. Sketches ideas of what she envisages and pieces it all together like a puzzle.

DMR’s inquisitive compassion for life came at an early age. Growing up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne DMR spent most of her time outdoors searching the wetlands looking for earthly treasures to admire, escaping her at times challenging childhood.  This connected her to the earth and drew her closer to her concern for the environment and her need for knowledge of her subjects while using Art as her own personal healing source.  Teaching in studio, at CAE, Cruise Ships, Commercials and Television.

DMR’s message is one of conservation and sustainability, grabbing attention and teaching in the interim through vivacious bright colours and neutrals. Using recycled materials to up-cycle her work. This allows her to brighten your day and space with the vibrance that she has internally, allowing its energy to flow through your space and intrigue you on impact but telling a deeper story (one that can be shared).

Instead of signing her work DMR is known for using a resin signature which is an opportunity for her to up-cycle materials. She hopes her work will make you or your clients smile as you pass by.