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Below are a couple examples of DMR’s latest collaborations with Central Equity and CAE. Where DMR awakened this public space with her vibrant and fun works that have environmental undertones.  Demanding attention with bright innovative ideas that will have your guests inquisitive and discussing the meanings behind the works.

Central Equity, Wonderment Walk,
O Initiative Fountain, Wyndham City,
Sponsored by Haymes Paints.

CAE Classes sponsored by Matisse Art Supplies



For something different adding laying to your project or function DMR can paint on location producing a piece of Artwork at an event for corporate clients. DMR enjoys a paint / create and a chat onsite with visitors while she paints and can encourage others to get involved if required.

Federation Square, CAE | Melbourne’s Summertime Festival

State Rose Garden Show | Painting Roses Onsite

Children’s Week Picnic | Encouraging Youth Creativity


Whether it is classes or programs from Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, University or Seniors students DMR teaches in a simplified manner. Making it easy for all to understand her creative processes. DMR is engaging and fun but will take your students to a new place of learning and possibly a different way of thinking of materials and Art.
Colour in your Life TV Show

Up-Cycling Competition | Seven Secondary Colleges invited to compete
Warringa Park Flower Garden Up-Cycling Project
Gen U Art Judge